International Relations of the Mena Region, PT.1

OSH 973 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: This course offers an advanced and empirical understanding of the modern history and international relations of the Arab world. This course will explore and apply various theoretical models such as realism, pluralism, constructivism, historical sociology, Marxism and post colonialism to the analysis of the modern Arab world. This course will introduce different approaches, views and perspectives on paramount issues in the MENA region in order to provide the audience with an updated and balanced narrative of current events. This course will provide the student with an innovative approach to the study of these conflicts, and will encourage students to engage in present debates and to further study and analyze these conflicts.


Week 1     

The Beginning of Western colonialism in the Middle East and the Fall of the Ottoman Empire. This session introduces the course and basic notion related to the region. We will discuss how Western colonialism in the region led to the demise of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. 

Week 2

World War I and the creation of the modern Middle East and North Africa. This session focuses on the creation of the modern Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). This session deals with the design and creation of modern nations in the MENA region.

Week 3

Between world wars. This lecture analyses the evolution of the mandate system of government that was supposedly designed to help the MENA region achieve its independence. Special attention will be placed on the creation of Israel and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Week 4

The end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War. This session tackles the revolutionary nationalist and progressive movements that emerged in the Middle East since the Egyptian Revolution in 1952 and the Suez Canal crisis in 1956.

Week 5

Revolution and independence. This session analyses the evolution of various revolutionary movements in the MENA region and the Palestinian struggle for independence.

Week 6 

From the end of the Cold War to the disaster of September 11th.  This last session explains the rise of various Islamic political movements in the Middle East. This session will focus on the Islamic revolution of Iran and the development of various Islamic resistance movements in the region such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Al-Qaida. We will focus on thesimilarities and differences among these organizations.

Instructor: Dr. Daniel Rivera

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