Introduction to Philosophy, Pt. 1

OSH 979 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: Philosophy for beginners, presentation of the critical thinking method and the way to argue philosophically, some history of Western and Asian thought, discussion of ethical issues, language, science, art and political theories.


Week 1

Presentation of the method, importance of reason and analytic skills, Socrates, Lao Zi, Confucius.  What is thinking? What are thoughts, ideas, dreams…?

Week 2

Socrates and ethics: love, death and beauty.

Week 3

What is science? Truth and conflicts of power with religion: Descartes, Copernicus and Galileo.

Week 4

The 18th century and the birth of democratic thought: Voltaire, Rousseau, Jefferson.

Week 5

What is language? Why do we communicate? Do animals communicate?

Week 6

Social issues: justice, medicine and surrogacy.


Instructor: Dr. Daniel Vitaglione

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