OSH 801 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description:  Learn how a former high school drop-out revolutionized our understanding of space and time.  From E=mc2 to every day time travel, this course takes us on a mindboggling journey through the depths of Einstein’s universe. NOTE: This is a beginner’s course. No prior physics background needed.

Week 1

From Unknown to Revolutionary -We discuss Einstein’s rebellious youth, his attitude problems at school, and his inability to get a professorship.  Learn about the great conflict between Newton’s laws and Maxwell’s breakthrough on electricity magnetism, and light. 

Week 2

The Two Postulates of Special Relativity -Einstein’s radical new theory was based on two simple principles on light and motion.  Learn what Galileo’s dictum “all speeds are relative” means. Einstein imagined himself sitting on a light beam (at age 16!), which led to the discovery of the absolute nature of the speed of light.

Week 3

The True Nature of Time-Does time shrink with motion? We discuss the famous “light clock” thought experiment and how it leads to the notion that we are all time travelers!

Week 4

Simultaneity and Length Contraction -Learn why two events that happen at the same time for you may not happen at the same time for me.  Is the shrinking of space real or an illusion? Find out how to fit a 20-foot pole into a 10-foot barn.

Week 5

The World’s Most Famous Equation -See how mass, momentum, and energy are affected by motion.  Learn the true meaning of E=mc2.  What happens when matter and anti-matter collide?  Find out how the Sun manages to radiate light for billions of years.

Week 6

The Space time Continuum -We discuss the concept of spacetime, the four-dimentional “fabric of the universe.”  Learn how the math teacher who called Einstein a lazy dog discovered the space time interval -the universal ruler for all events in the cosmos.

Instructor:  Mr. Mark Egdall 

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