Web Design Certificate

Every modern business needs to have a professional Web site. Unfortunately, few small businesses can afford to employ a full-time professional web designer or hire an expensive consulting firm. The Web Design  Certificate Program is specifically designed to solve this problem.

The 64-hour (eight week) Web Design course teaches the core skills needed to become a professional web designer. Starting from scratch, students learn to plan, design, create, launch, maintain, manage and update a professional Web site.

Not only are students taught hands-on skills, but also theory needed to design and operate a successful Web site. Students graduate from the course with their own licensed web site.


  • Understand the principles of Web publishing
  • Learn the different elements involved in creating a Web site
  • Study the secrets of successful Web design

Learn the fundamental principles of a Web site

  • Plan the structure
  • Design the layout
  • Create the HTML
  • Launch and publish your Web site
  • Enhance your Web site with a variety of other tools, programs and plug-ins
  • Maintain, manage and market your Web site
  • Create a Web ‘presence’ and learn the importance of Search Engine Optimization

This course will be heavily focused on learning the fundamentals of HTML/CSS and coding by hand. Students will learn to code by hand and build websites without depending on software like Dreamweaver.

Certificate: the Web Design certificate is only awarded to students who successfully complete the curriculum. This course is taught on a PC and students are expected to have basic PC operating knowledge. 

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.

Web Design Certificate

In this course, you will learn how to build, design, and maintain your own website using various coding frameworks to speed up development times and reduce errors and bugs in the code. At the end of the program, students will be able to build complex, secure forms easily and integrate them into a professional/resume website.

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