Sports Coaching Certificate

Sports Coaching Certificate Program

Students enrolled in the University of Miami's Sports Coaching Certificate Program complete coursework designed to improve knowledge of coaching fundamentals and theories. Additionally, students will complete coursework in care and prevention of athletic injures, and the dangers of substance abuse including, the nature and prevalence of Performance-Enhancing drugs. This program is combined into three courses with both theoretical and practical instructional training hours for a total of 72 contact hours.  The sports coaching program includes a CPR course issued by the American Red Cross.

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.

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There are two overarching goals for the Sports Coaching Certificate Program:

  • To develop effective coaches who are knowledgeable in the latest sport-specific research and information.
  • To create well-informed coaches who can work effectively with athletes.


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, athletic coaching occupations are projected to increase by some 29% between 2010 and 2020, twice as fast as the average for all occupations (14%). Students completing the University of Miami’s Sports Coaching Certificate Program are prepared for careers in the following areas:

  • Youth Leagues
  • Recreation Leagues
  • Interscholastic
  • Amateur clubs
  • Collegiate (NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA)
  • International
  • Professional


University of Miami’s Coach Certificate Program involves the following three (3) courses:

(1) Coaching Theory and Methodology;

(2) Athletic Injuries and Performance Enhancing Drugs (including CPR certification);

And ONE (1) of the following

  • Sports Coaching: Fundamentals of Football
  • Sports Coaching: Fundamentals of Basketball
  • Sports Coaching: Fundamentals of Baseball
  • Sports Coaching: Fundamentals of Soccer
  • Sports Coaching: Fundamentals of Softball
  • Sports Coaching: Fundamentals of Lacrosse

Sports Coaching Certificate

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