Advanced Coach Training Program

In the evolving growth of its coach training programs, the University of Miami has chosen to next serve the coach who is ready to expand their PCC levels to an advanced stage and have the tools to continue their growth toward mastery. The University has seen both graduates of its own coach training program (the Certified Professional Coach Training Program) and graduates of other coach training programs a longing for further training and skill, but few places to participate in advanced coach training.  The University has answered this need by creating “The Coach’s Continued Journey”, an 88 hour course which expands a coach’s current professional level skill set toward mastery or gives the masterful coach a place to renew and reground themselves in advanced coaching skills.

Program Requirements:

To enroll in the program, students will have an ICF PCC or be a certified graduate of an ICF Accredited Coaching Training Program.  Should a student not meet these requirements, the student may apply with 300 hours of actual coaching experience and submit a coaching tape for evaluation to ensure the student has the necessary skill set to participate in an advanced coaching program.

The Advanced Coach Training Program is 9 months in length. This program is offered on ground and tele-class.

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.

Advanced Professional Coaching

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