Project Leadership Certificate

In the Project Leadership Certificate program, knowledge gained includes the essential skills for managing an organizational project.  Leaders must demonstrate an ability to establish and maintain the audience's attention when managing a project and must facilitate conflict that arises in the workplace towards a collaborative resolution. Effective decision-making skills are also critical to successful completion of a project and overall success of an organization. 

Upon successful completion of the Project Leadership Certificate program, the participant will be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Understanding the essentials of Project Management 
  • Employing strategies to establish and maintain the audience's attention
  • Understanding the benefits of facilitation for conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Applying the steps critical to the decision-making process
  • Achieving collaborative resolution of meeting goals

The Project Leadership Certificate Program is 8 weeks in length. This program is offered on ground and fully online.

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.


Project Leadership

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Project Leadership (Online)

Course BCP-530, Section 32
Starts : 10/1/2017 Ends : 11/26/2017
Meets on : Flexible
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