Spanish 7-Day Intensive Program

Testimonials for the Spanish 7-Day Intensive Program:

"This is an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone wanting to learn a language. The professors are beyond excellent. And the administration -- Maki & Adrianne -- and of course the director, Julia, are incredible. They are so helpful interested and caring. I hope to return next summer. Thank you all for everything."
Susan Gieseler, ISP student, July 2013

"The most impressive group of educators i have ever had the honor of knowing."
ISP student, July 2013

"The professors are great."
ISP student, July 2013

"GREAT program, and very challenging. I indicated coming in that I needed more verbs, and now my head is swimming in them.

  1. Loved the format and rotating instructors. Made things very, very interesting and un-boring.
  2. Am also grateful that we covered so much material in seven days.

It was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. I could tell that all of the instructors truly cared about sharing their wisdom AND their experience(s),  and that's what made it so inviting and challenging."
ISP student, March 2013

"I can't tell you and our teachers how wonderful and fulfilling their work has been for my life. So often as an adult we put energy, time and talent into others. It has been many years since I have had this pure focused honest energy being put into me! I appreciate how difficult it is to teach someone a foreign language. T here are many barriers but they do not exist in these professors minds, and since the teachers do not see the barrier there are none. We are grown adults learning like children. It has earnestly been one of the best experiences in my life."
ISP student, July 2013

"I enjoyed the program immensely. It must be very difficult to teach these various levels, but the teachers were very good. They all have different teaching styles and because the time is so condensed---it helps to break it up with different national accents and styles."
ISP student, July 2013

"A good way to get a comprehensive introduction to the Spanish language and jump start you to continue learning the language......"
Peter McQuillan (December 2011)

"I was pleasantly surprised by the organization of the program.  Both changing professors on the hour and providing a great variety in the professors who taught, kept me interested throughout the day.  It was clear that every person involved in this program is invested and excited in my Spanish competency growing.  I didn't think I needed that kind of support, but it was invaluable to me!  While I have a favorite professor, I am thankful to all of them.  I believe I can one day speak fluently with my family and that is a belief I never thought I would have!"
Eva Schiavenato, Clinical Project Coordinator (December 2011)

"The 7 Day Intensive Spanish Class was superb! The instructors are diverse, very knowledgeable, and helpful, creating a dynamic educational experience!"
Patricia Kearns, Community Volunteer (December 2011)


"The Intensive Spanish Program is a highly worthwhile experience and a great use of seven days. My Spanish improved greatly from the immersion experience and talented faculty."
Daniel Rakofsky (October 2011)

"Clearly the course was worthwhile as I can see my Spanish has improved, my ear is better and my ability to use the language has improved."
Steven Fine (October 2011)

"Overall it was an excellent experience. Well organized, great instructors, and an environment that made it fun to learn. Very happy & surprised with how much Spanish I learned in one week!"
ISP Student (August 2011)

"The week went so fast. The first 2 days my head was swimming, but then it all seemed to settled down and then became exciting as the Spanish words came out of my mouth. By Friday, I was sad to have it end."
Dianne Peterson (August 2011)

"The ambience, teachers, teaching methods, enthusiasm, treating students with utmost respect, punctuality, and professionalism of this class were just outstanding! The staff, food, refreshment breaks, the tour, and the dance were great experiences as well. I give an A+!"
David Sumanth, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Dept of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Miami (August 2011)

"The entire organization of the immersion course was well developed from breakfast in the morning, speaking with the teachers and other participants the very last day of the course!!! I was never bored. I even bought the "Nuevo Herald" every day and watched the Spanish channel in the evening in my hotel!!!"
ISP Student (August 2011)

"The course was an amazing holistic experience and has given me the confidence to go out and speak Spanish in public while learning more about Spanish culture along the way. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking their ability to speak another language to the next level. Thank you!"
ISP Student (August 2011)

"This week helped me go from completely lost around the Spanish language to having a strong base. A great way to kick start learning Spanish. Muy Bien."
Will Corbin (August 2011)

"This course is very professional from the start to the end. The instructors and class mates blended well to make the most of the experience for us all."
Arnold Stocker, CRNA (March 2011)

"You will learn from your classmates as well as your teachers."
ISP student (March 2011)


"I learned more than I could ever have on my own. This class gave me the confidence and introductory knowledge to effectively learn Spanish"
Chris Fitzgerald, Restaurant Business (March 2011)

"The quality of the intensive Spanish program is so high that I returned for seven days in March after having taken a seven-day course in January. All the instructors truly care about their students learning the material presented. The classes are small and students, therefore, have a great opportunity to participate frequently in class and have their mistakes corrected by their instructors. I highly recommend this course."
Owen Burnett, attorney (March 2011)

"I never thought I could have so much fun studying Spanish!"
Debra Incera, Wealth Advisor, Northern Trust Bank (March 2011)

"This course was the right approach to kick-start my learning in Spanish. The instruction, material, activities and focused time have motivated me now to continue more rapidly on my own to stick to it and become proficient in speaking a second language."
Ben Colvin, Marketing Consultant (March 2011)

"This dynamic and meticulously structured course provides students with a comfortable space to improve the depth and breath of their language skills. The instructors are warm and engaging. Their ability to utilize a variety of effective teaching methods makes the days fly by. This was a wonderful investment."
Rachel Becker, Psychology Ph.D. Student (March 2011)

"I can speak Spanish! I didn't think I had it in me, but ILI gave me the gift of communication; a gift that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Even though I had a deep fear of learning Spanish based on a past negative (and humiliating!) experience in a college level Spanish class, the instructors were so encouraging and supportive that I was able to gain confidence each passing day. I plan to take more courses! Thank you ILI!"
Julie Hollenbeck, Program Manager (March 2011)

"This week has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling learning experiences that I have ever had. The orientation, meals, classes, walking tour, salsa lesson, and informal conversations with instructors and other students all contributed to a well-rounded program. I cannot say enough about how talented the instructors are. Each of them has a unique and effective teaching style that keeps the students engaged and excited about learning Spanish. I would recommend this class to anyone with no reservations."
Jamila Alexander, Instructor (March 2011)

"The Intensive Language Program is a vigorous and rewarding experience which provided me with the boost of confidence I needed to proceed to the next level -- and beyond -- in my Spanish studies."
Asenath Knepler, retired attorney (January 2011)

"All the teachers were so enthusiastic and well qualified and they each had their own style which made the classes flow and allowed you to experience different accents."
ISP student (January 2011)

"The classroom atmosphere was very conducive to learning. That atmosphere allowed students to not be afraid of making mistakes. The small size of the classes contributed significantly to the positive atmosphere for learning. All of the instructors were outstanding and were very willing to help any student with any issue that presented a challenge to the student. The activities arranged for students outside the Koubek Center, including a tour of Little Havana, were excellent. Any person seeking to improve his or her ability to speak Spanish would benefit from this program."
ISP student (January 2011)

"A wonderful course which covered everything, grammar, conversation, culture and it gave a stimulus to pursue more."
Grace S. Wolff, M.D. (January 2011)

"Gets you out of your comfort zone, which is just what you need to learn another language."
Frank Clark, Appeals Settlement Officer (January 2011)

"As a beginner, I was quite anxious about taking the risk and taking the course. The professors are terrific and go out of their way to work with each student. I would take a class in this program again in a second and gained so very much in just one week that I will continue my Spanish because I came here. I am very grateful to each professor for their support, skill, humor and patience."
Fran Pinfold Phillips, Special Education teacher (January 2011)

"Excellent immersion in Spanish. I was an entry level student and came away from the course much more confident in speaking Spanish."
ISP student (January 2011)

"I appreciated the small group atmosphere and the lovely setting. The breakfast and lunch hours provided excellent opportunities to use our Spanish by talking informally with the instructors."
ISP student (January 2011)

"I loved that we were able to learn from a number of different instructors. The activities (salsa class and little Havana tour) also were great fun! Lunch time was also nice in that we dined as a group amongst our instructors and were able to learn more, even during our breaks! The small setting enabled us to have a great learning environment where we were able to form friendships with our classmates and professors. I really enjoyed myself and hope to be back soon!"
Elena Rigg, Retired Unitarian Universalist minister (October 2010)

"Everything about the course was excellent - the location, the building, the learning environment, the activities and the very skillful instructors."
Hans Evers, Director of College Guidance at DASH (Design & Architecture Senior High School, Miami) (October 2010)

"Excellent opportunity to improve in a short period of time. Amazing week with awesome teachers, wonderful classmates, delicious food, and a beautiful atmosphere. Bravo!!!"
Junia S. Kairys, PA-C (October 2010)

"What a great class!! Organized, intense and focused, with just the right variety of teachers and teaching styles, I recommend this class very highly. The field trips, meals and dance class provided another context in which to talk and think in Spanish!"
Tammy Sifre, Psychologist (October 2010)

"I thought the program was excellent in every way. The atmosphere was focused but handled with humor; the teachers were excellent; and the whole approach conducive to learning. Having so many teachers, changing from one hour to the next, kept us energized and actually made me forget that we were in class from 9 - 4. I have never made such a comment before about a workshop or program. If I lived in Miami, I would take further classes with this wonderful group of teachers."
Whitney Gealy, University of Miami Autism Research Associate & Graduate Student (Marriage and Family Therapy) (October 2010)

"The instructors were great, the schedule was setup perfectly and the food was DELICIOUS! It was an awesome experience - I got to meet a wonderful group of people while improving my Spanish! Thanks!"
August 2010 participant

"Excellent program for learning and improving one's Spanish skills in a short period of time -- wonderfully diverse group of professors who each care deeply about helping their students improve during the week long session. As bonuses, the food is wonderful, and the excursions/extras are informative and fun!"
August 2010 participant

"You have created a beautiful atmosphere to learn in with a real family environment. Congratulations."
Howard Traeger, Business Owner (August 2010)

"The professors are amazing!"
Amy Jurasek – Actuary (August 2010)

"From the minute I stepped into the dining room for orientation I was motivated and I still am! I personally feel that I made a lot of progress during the week!"
V.V.W. (August 2010)

"Intense. You come out a much better Spanish speaker than going in."
August 2010 participant

"My experience in the intensive Spanish Program was wonderful. The program and professors are outstanding. The professors spared no effort in helping me and my classmates to succeed and to progress. As a result of this program, I have been inspired to continue studying Spanish and will certainly sign up for the next level course."
Maureen Duffy, PhD, (August 2010)

“The Spanish Immersion course at the University of Miami is simply put a class act. The Instructors are fantastic and challenge you to become better, faster. Without having had any Spanish classes before joining the U of M Immersion program, after 7 days of instruction, I understand the core of Spanish grammar and am able to construct sentences in multiple tenses in a grammatically correct manner. This was by far the best decision i could have made to start learning the Spanish language. Rosetta Stone or any other individual program cannot even touch the University of Miami Spanish Immersion course”
Carol Lang, Director of Human Resources (May 2010)

“This program offered an excellent opportunity to improve my skills in written and Spanish. I got much more out of this program than I had hoped or expected.”
Hans Bashaar el Fasid - Director Business Development Caribbean and Latin America (Telecommunications) (May 2010)

"High energy atmosphere. Constantly engaging. Amazing how much you learn in 7 days. Professors are incredible. They are also invested in your success in mastering Spanish. I would do this all over again."
Allison M. Dunn , Engineer (March 2010)

"All the instructors were outstanding and I think the diversity of the instructors is one of the program's greatest assets."
Robert Flavell, Attorney (March 2010)

"This intensive course is packed with useful information that you can use in the"real world" as soon as you leave your classes. The professors are all helpful and understanding. You don't have to be embarrassed to ask questions. This is a great program!"
Jennifer Rezendes, Nurse Anesthetist (March 2010)

"It's been an amazing experience. I've learned more than I thought possible, and at the same time, have enjoyed every minute of the classes."
Greg Allen, Journalist (March 2010)

"This was an excellent start to my Spanish learning."
Banarjee Thomas, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (March 2010)

"I am so impressed with the program. The quality of the teaching is absolutely superb and the organization of the course is fantastic. Each year, I organize a world conference for news executives and I have a fair idea of what goes into organizing and running a program like yours, and I take my hat off to you. It's so well done!

I did a lot of research before committing to the program at University of Miami. I looked at programs in Mexico and in Guatemala and, in the end, decided that what the University of Miami's program offers was ultimately what I needed: an intensive Spanish language experience. And a vacation in Miami! I am so glad I made the decision to participate in this program and I recommend it in the highest possible terms to anyone looking for a fantastic Spanish experience."
Amy Selwyn (January 2010)

"It was a completely wonderful course. It put me in a position, going forward, to use Spanish comfortably with colleagues, etc., on a day-to-day basis."
ISP student (March 2009)

"I thought this was a very valuable experience. I appreciate the format – the variety of teachers and their varied backgrounds, nationalities, et cetera."
ISP student (March 2009)

"The Classroom Dynamics were brilliant, in addition to becoming more confident with Spanish I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends."
ISP student (March 2009)

"This was an incredible experience. As someone who is new to Miami I was looking for a way to jump-start my Spanish language skills. This is the best language experience I have ever had, I think because of the incredible skill of each instructor."
ISP student (March 2009)

"I very much liked the idea of rotating the instructors as this provided different teaching techniques. Also the approach of covering the primary language skill and then followed up with reviews and drills helped to enforce the knowledge"
ISP student (October 2009)

"This 7-day program exceeded my expectations; I feel that I learned a lot because of the pace of instruction. I was happy that everyone in my group seemed to be at the same level."
ISP student (October 2009)

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