Social Media Management Education Program

Social Media Strategist Certificate is the program for students seeking a greater mastery of social media strategy, organizational development, measurement, and analytics. After completing this program individuals will be qualified for the roles of Social Media Strategist or Director of Digital Media. The Social Media Strategist Certificate consists of two courses:

  • Social Media Strategy Fundamentals and Developing a Social Strategy
  • Social Media Organizational Development, Measurement and Analytics

Topics covered in these courses include:

  • Social Business Opportunity
  • Understanding Consumer Needs
  • Integrated Marketing Approach
  • Social Sale Cycle
  • Gaining Consumer Preference
  • Helping Consumers Build Consensus
  • Using Social Media to Build Awareness
  • Aligning Mission, Vision and Values
  • Communicating Your Social Strategy
  • Social Media Change Management
  • Aligning with Business Financial Objectives
  • Segmenting by Products and Service
  • Identifying Influencers
  • Engaging Mass Mavens and Mass Connectors
  • Finding Conversation Triggers
  • Selecting the Appropriate Social Networking Sites
  • Selecting the Appropriate Devices
  • Integrating Your Social Initiatives
  • Social Media Management Systems
  • Internal Readiness Plan
  • Understanding QR Codes
  • Integrating Print and Offline with Digital Media
  • Email Marketing and Social Media
  • Integrating your Social Media Strategy
  • Creating a Social Media Policy and Escalation Process
  • Internal Training Programs
  • Ongoing Training Programs and Resources

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