Cyber Security

University of Miami Division of Continuing and International Education in collaboration with HackerUSA, offers unique hands-on skill based programs in Cyber security. HackerUSA has over 20 years of experience and is a leading educational provider for cyber security training. They bring a wealth of expertise that allows our cyber security programs to be innovative and high quality. Our students will be exposed to the most advanced technologies used today and will gain real practical experience. 


Cyber Security Risk Management & Assessment

Companies are looking to integrate cyber-risk management into day-to-day operations and maintain a prepared response to any cyber security incident to ensure that all assets and data are protected. This program provides quantitative and qualitative risk assessment skills training.

IT Expert Specializing in Python & Basic Cyber Security

IT professionals play an essential role in any computer-based environment. The IT professional handles challenges within the computer system, network, and storage, as well as provides the first line of defense against common cyber threats. A specialization in cyber security advances job candidates into a select niche.

Professional Penetration Tester Certificate

In recent years, demand for cyber security professionals has surged. Corporations and national organizations are hunting for gifted hackers who will help them identify the vulnerabilities within their own systems. During the Professional Penetration Tester program, students will explore the hacker state-of-mind through all the different cutting-edge technologies and frameworks needed to protect different organizations from future threats in the U.S.

Other Programs

At this time, there are no other programs available for Cyber Security. Please check back at a later date.