Healthcare Navigator Certificate

About The Alfus Healthcare Advocacy Certificate

The complex US healthcare system and the rigors of modern life have created the new field of healthcare advocacy. This emerging profession assists patients and their loved-ones in the navigation of medical treatment from multiple providers, insurers, pharmaceuticals and other details that accompany healthcare. Often, the healthcare advocate serves as a day-to-day surrogate when family members are unable to assist. Healthcare advocates strive to maintain individual attention for clients in a system that is frequently impersonal, unfamiliar and intimidating.

The University of Miami offers an online Healthcare Advocate Certificate with a faculty that is seasoned in the field of healthcare advocacy. Students interact directly with faculty and other students to learn the necessary skills, resources and information that will enable them to effectively manage the intricacies and complexities of the healthcare system. A comprehensive course offering allows the student, upon completion, to be prepared to successfully enter this growing new field.

  • AHAC focuses specifically on one-to-one (advocate to patient) advocacy
  • AHAC does not use lectures or workshops, but rather 8 advocacy-specific courses amounting to over 100 hours of total coursework.
  • Courses include: Skills for Successful Online Learning; Health Advocacy and the Role of the Health Advocate; Understanding the Patient Illness Experience; Healthcare Communications and Professionalism; Ethical Issues in Healthcare; Health Law; Navigating Healthcare Financing; Business as a healthcare Advocate
  • Students gain hands-on experience through case-study based learning
  • Students typically spend 2 hours for every hour of course work on reading, discussion, and essay assignments
  • Outstanding faculty hold degrees such as Masters in Health Advocacy and Social Work, Juris Doctors, and PhDs

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