Climate Conversations: The Science, The Seriousness, the Solutio

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Course Description:

In this course, you will learn the science, the seriousness of the impacts, and the many existing solutions to the climate chaos confronting South Florida and the world.  The guest speakers will include scientists, artists, activists, and government and industry leaders at the forefront of adaptation and mitigation.  The intent is to educate, engage, and inspire you to take steps towards a zero-carbon emissions world.  The situation is dire but there are tools available to bring us to a cleaner, greener, more equitable world.

Week 1 We open with appreciating the “blue marble” we live upon.  We’ll refresh our knowledge of basic scientific concepts including the carbon cycle, greenhouse effect, the water cycle, and a deep dive into hurricane science.

Week 2 We walk through the science and projections of sea-level rise, and why the impacts are disparately worse for low-income residents and people of color.  Dade County’s Office of Resilience shares the current plans for government intervention with adaptation and mitigation. 

Week 3 We learn how mangroves and coral reefs can mitigate damage and the importance of living shorelines.  We bring carbon sources and carbon sinks to life and learn about solutions from the rain forest to whale poop.

Week 4 We will learn how climate change impacts our land use, our agriculture, our health, and our economy.  We will address mental health and learn how plastics affect all aspects of our lives.  We will visit with activists in the arts community and civic arena who will inspire us to take climate leadership actions. 

Week 5 We explore the climate communications toolbox, to assist you with conversations with family, friends, 

Week 6 You will meet “movers and shakers” and ordinary citizens interested in climate issues.  The goal is for you to leave the class refreshed, energized, and hopeful for the future for your grandkids and beyond. 


Instructor:  Dr. Pamela Dickson & Ms. Ellen Siegel


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