Beginning French, Pt. 2 (In-Person Only)

OSH 521 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: In this course, you will continue to learn practical French for everyday situations like ordering at a café, making reservations, getting through the airport, etc. Essential grammar is also covered.  We will continue to discuss French culture. 




Week 1

Review of Part 1. Country names and nationalities. Verb “faire” and faire idiomatic expressions.

Week 2

Students exchange questions and answers. Adjectives and verbs “aller,” “prendre” and “vouloir.” Dialogue reading and discussion.

Week 3

Vocabulary for directions. Finding tourist sites in Paris with a map. Using “aller” in the near future. Dialogue reading and discussion.

Week 4

Vocabulary for ordering breakfast. The verb “préférer.” Dialogue reading and discussion. Vocabulary for Thanksgiving.

Week 5

Vocabulary for ordering lunch/dinner. Partitives and adverbs of quantity. Dialogue reading and discussion. Ordering at a restaurant.

Week 6

Grammar and vocabulary review. Vocabulary for Noël. Discussing culinary dishes of the season. Reading/singing Silent Night.


Instructor: Ms. Blanca Silva


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