More Classical Short Stories

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We will explore the beauty and mechanics of the short story in the hands of the masters.  Three stories will be chosen for each class, either by the same author or by different authors with a similar theme. A lively discussion is a central part of the class. The goal is to come away with a greater appreciation and enjoyment of these marvelous writers.  Biographical information on each writer will be presented, as will the context of the writer’s time and place.

Required Text: 100 Great Short Stories (Dover Thrift Editions) James Daley (Editor) Kindle: $6.02; Paperback: $11.49 (new) 

Week 1 Family Relations- George Wilbur Peck -Story: His Pa Gets Mad!; Kate Chopin – Story: Désirée’s Baby;  Luigi Pirandello – Story: Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, Her Son-in-Law.

Week 2 Fyodor Dostoevsky- Stories: A Christmas Tree and A Wedding, The Peasant Marey, and The Crocodile (not in book, the instructor will provide).

Week 3 Benjamin Franklin- Story: Alice Addertongue; John Kendrick Bangs: Story: The Idiot’s Journalism Scheme; Woody Allen – The Kugelmass Episode, (not in book, the instructor will provide).

Week 4 Jack London – Stories: The White Silence, The Leopard Man’s Story, and That Spot, (not in book, the instructor will provide).

Week 5 Katherine Mansfield – Stories: Germans at Meat, How Pearl Button was Kidnapped, The Garden-Party, (not in book, the instructor will provide).

Week 6 Somerset Maugham – Stories: The Verger, The Creative Impulse and The Pool (none in book, the instructor will provide).


Instructor: Ms. Ronnie Londner


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