Special Topics in the History of Philosophy:Jose Ortega Y Gasset

OSH 578 / Non Credit
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Course Description:

This is a course on 20th Century Spanish Philosopher, José Ortega y Gasset. We will discuss the major ideas that José Ortega y Gasset is responsible for as well as the focus of contemporary scholarship. We will focus on his magnum opus "The Revolt of the Masses" as well as other works such as "The Mission of the University" and "Studies Concerning Love".

Week 1 Brief biography and discussion about Ortega y Gasset’s major work: The Revolt of the Masses; Discussion about the connection between modern technology, scientism, and the intellectual status of the masses. 

Week 2 Continued discussion about The Revolt of the Masses in the context of Ortega y Gasset’s analysis of modern political violence and revolution; Discussion about his views on the relationship between ruler and ruled in modernity. 

Week 3 Analysis of Ortega y Gasset’s The Mission of the University; Analysis of the modern University and discussion of duty as it relates to academic institutions; Analysis of response to his position on this issue. 

Week 4 Analysis of Ortega y Gasset’s Man and the People.

Week 5 Analysis of Ortega y Gasset’s Estudios Sobre el Amor (Studies Concerning Love) – This work is the most influential work on the philosophy of love and sexuality in the 20th century; Discussion about how this work was influenced by Plato’s views on the subject and what the work ultimately accomplishes. 

Week 6 Discussion about Ortega y Gasset’s place in the 20th century, his influence, and his place in Spanish philosophy. 


Instructor:  Mr. Miguel Arechavaleta


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