Litigation Concentration

PLG 621 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: ONL ONL

Litigation Concentration - Paralegal Certificate

The development of fundamental skills associated with litigation processes and procedures is essential for enhanced career opportunities in all areas of law. Knowledge of substantive and procedural law is integral as a foundation. Litigation transcends formal court proceedings. It encompasses obligations before, during, and after trial. Paralegals are tasked with significant responsibility related to case progression. They often facilitate and engage in dialogue with clients, parties of a case, lay and expert witnesses, and the court. Strong communication, organization, legal research, and legal writing skills are areas of importance correlated with professional success. Knowledge of motions, discovery, evidence, litigation documentation, court rules and procedures, and practices are key areas of emphasis associated with competent job performance.

Upon successful completion of the University of Miami Paralegal Litigation Concentration Certificate Program, the participant will demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Understanding alternative dispute resolution options
  • Laying out case investigative steps
  • Performing litigation case management
  • Preparing discovery requests to parties and non-parties
  • Summarizing depositions
  • Drafting complex legal motions and supporting briefs
  • Differentiating between pre-trial and post-trial motion practice
  • Applying advanced legal research skills
  • Demonstrating advanced legal writing skills

This course is available as part of the following:

Certificate in Practice Area Concentration Certificate

Paralegal Concentration Certificate Programs are designed to expand the educational and professional horizons for all paralegals.

Course PLG - 621, Section 85
Starts: 8/1/2021 Ends: 12/1/2021
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Location: ONL
Course PLG - 621, Section 86
Starts: 9/1/2021 Ends: 1/1/2022
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Course PLG - 621, Section 87
Starts: 10/1/2021 Ends: 2/1/2022
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