Triumph and Tragedy: The Lives of Great Men (In-Person Only)

OSH 105 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: See history come to life with Robert Dawson. In this historical recreation, you will see, hear and learn about the lives of famous (and infamous) men.  Part History Channel, part theatre, it is an enjoyable and engaging way to learn history.  

Note: Occasionally, unexpected circumstances may arise that require a character listing to be changed.

Summer 1

“Adventure & Exploration on the High Seas”:

Wk#1 – Christopher Columbus: Enterprise of the Indies

Wk#2 – Sir Francis Drake/ Circumnavigation & Armada

Wk#3 – William Dampier/ Pyrate/Hydrographer

Wk#4 – Capt. Sofring Hansson/ Lost & Found, The Vasa

Wk#5 – Capt. Edward J. Smith/ Titanic: Ship of Dreams

Wk#6 - Capt. Wm. Bligh/ Bounty’s Three Histories

Summer 2


Wk#1 – Henry Flagler/ Flagler & His F.E.C. Railroad

Wk#2 – Dr. David Fairchild/ The Ardent Naturalist

Wk#3 – Ernest Hemingway/ The Key West Years

Wk#4 – Socrates/ History of the Early Olympics

Wk#5 - William Shakespeare/ “…Upstart Crow…”

Wk#6 – R. Dawson/ Triumph & Tragedy: An Inside Look

NOTE: In both Summer 1 & 2, the 6th week entries are

(NEW) presentations.


Instructor: Mr. Robert Dawson

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