The Big Bang, Black Holes and the Future of the Universe

OSH 802 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: How did we get here? Was the universe always as it appears today? What is its future?  In this class, we explore these profound questions with the first scientific theory on the origin and evolution of the universe: the big bang.  We will also explore black holes.  Do they stop time itself? Are they wormholes to another universe? 

Note: No prior physics training is required. 

Week 1:  Welcome and Overview.

Week 2:  In the Beginning, The Big Bang.

Week 3:  The Big Bang (continued).

Week 4:  Black Holes: What are They?

Week 5:  Black Holes: Do They Really Exist?

Week 6:  Quantum Gravity.


Instructor:  Mr. Mark Egdall 


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