Account Management

Everything you need to know about signing up and logging in for new and returning students.

Table of Contents

  1. Creating an account
    1. Creating a Cane ID
  2. Resetting your password
  3. Update your billing information

Creating an Account

Though it is not required to browse the course offerings, you will need to create an account on this website in order to register for courses.  The registration process will first require you to create a 9-digit Cane ID (if you do not already have one).

What is a Cane ID?

Your Cane ID, also known as UMID or "C-number", is your unique identifier that is used throughout University of Miami's systems to access your information. Your UM ID will consist of the letter C followed by 9 digits (ex. C012345678)

I had a Cane ID but I forgot it

You only need to complete the Cane ID process once.  If you have having trouble accessing your account or forgot your Cane ID, please Do Not create another one.  You can recover your password by answering your security questions on the Forgot Password page.

Where do I create my Cane Id?

You will create a Cane ID using the CaneID Authentication System.

Create a Cane ID

After creating your Cane ID you will not be redirected back, so it is best to complete this process in a new window.

If you have any other problems with your Cane ID, you can contact UM Cane ID support at 305-284-6565 (option 1).

Creating your profile

Once you have your 9-digit Cane ID, you will need to enter some basic information to complete your website profile here at DCIE.

Register for our site

After entering your information and clicking Sign Up you will be presented with your account dashboard. Initially, you will see a welcome message with basic instructions, but after you have selected your courses the dashboard can be used to track the status of your courses and make payments.

Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, there is a link next to the password field on the login page for Forgot your password. Enter your email address to have a new password sent to your email.

Choosing your password

Once you have logged in with your temporary password, you will probably want to set your password to something you can remember (but not too easy!).

From your dashboard, you can select Your Profile from the navigation on the left-hand side, then click edit username/password under the Account Information heading.  You will need to enter your current password in addition to your new password in order to complete the update.

The UM email system has had issues in the past sending email to a few specific providers, mostly notably  If you have an email address and do not receive your password reset email after a few minutes, please contact our office at 305-284-4000.

Update your billing information

The Billing Information link appears in the left-hand menu on your dashboard, and will allow you to update your contact information if you have a change in address or phone number.

If you wish to update your email address, you will need to visit the Your Profile page, then click edit username/password, as your email address is also your username.  Please remember that changing your email address means your login username is also updated.