Making Payments

Guide to paying for courses, payment plan options, promotion codes, and other financial information.

Table of Contents

  1. Making a Payment
  2. Payment Methods
    1. Credit Card
    2. Promissory Note (Payment Plan)
    3. Cashier's Receipt
    4. Third Party
  3. Promotion Codes
  4. Payment History

Making a Payment

Once you have added a course to your account, you will see it displayed on your account dashboard with a green Make Payment button.  Clicking this button will present you with a choice of the payment methods available for that course.  If credit card is the only available payment method, you will be automatically re-routed Nelnet, the University of Miami's payment processor.

If a membership is required for the course you are purchasing, it will automatically be added to the total and you will be notified as asked to confirm the addition.

Payment Methods

Credit Card

Credit cards processing is available for all classes.  If you wish to split your payment across multiple credit cards, please contact our office at 305-284-4000 and we can enable this for you, but it is not available by default.

Promissory Note (Payment Plans)

If you wish to pay with a payment plan, you will need to make a deposit payment with a credit card and sign a promissory note, indicating you are responsible for all future payments.  You can print your promissory note from our website, which will include a list of your future payments.  Once you have signed the note, you must mail or bring it in person to the DCIE office in Allen Hall to complete your registration.

Cashier's Receipt

While we cannot accept cash/check payments at the DCIE office, you can make a payment at the University of Miami cashier's office and bring your receipt to our office for processing.

Third Party

If a third party (company, bank, or government) will be paying for your courses, please contact our office at 305-284-4000.  To complete registration you will need to provide a signed conditional promissory note indicating that you are responsbile for the payments in the event that the other entity does not.

Promotion Codes

If you have received a code from one of our promotions, you can enter it at the bottom of your account dashboard.  Your promotion will automatically apply to any qualifying courses in your account and appear in your payment history.

If you have not paid the remaining balance on the course when the promotion code expires, the promotion will be removed from your payments and the remaining balance adjusted accordingly.

Payment History

When your payment is completed you will be redirected to your receipt and you will receive an email notification, but you can also access your past payment history from your account menu at any time under the Payment History link.

You can print any of your past payment receipts along with the confirmation number, or check the status of a current payment.