Office of Professional Advancement Student Records Request

Official student records must be ordered by completing the student records request form and making a payment online. The Division of Continuing and International Education does not offer unofficial transcripts. All student records orders are non-refundable.

Ordering Process

To order an official student record, current and previous students will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the official student records request form
  2. Upon completion of this form, you will be provided with a link to make a payment online for your specific request i.e. Student Record, Certificate Reprint, Coaching Hours.
  3. Once payment has been completed, your request will be processed and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Student Records Request Fees

Payment for student records must be made online at the time of submitting your request. Requests will not be processed without payment.

Request Type Fee
Student Request (Transcript) $10.00
Certificate Reprint $20.00
Student Record Request and Certificate Reprint $30.00
Coaching Program Training Hours Verification $0.00

Processing Time

The processing time for student record requests is 7 business days. Approved student records requests will be mailed out or sent electronically.

Delivery Options


By default all paper hard-copy records will be sent via USPS to the address provided by the requester.

Electronic (PDF)

All digital records will be sent via email as a password protected PDF document to the email address provided by the requester.


Should you need to expedite the delivery of the records request or send a request internationally, you can provide us with a prepaid FedEx label. If you would like for us to use your FedEx label, please note this in the "Additional Information" section of the student request form. The pre-paid FedEx label can be attached to student request form or can be sent via email to Samantha Padron (

Transcripts to Be Picked Up

Due to COVID-19, our offices are closed and we are working remotely. An appointment must be made to pick up the transcripts from our office. Please send an email to Samantha Padron ( to schedule the appointment.

Fee Policy

Unless explicitly stated, all student record fees are non-refundable.