CMP 594 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

NOTE: This is a 10 week online course.

Have you thought there’s a terrific screenplay in your head? Do you know you have the ideas but lack only the experience to get them down in screenplay form? Have you always wanted to get expert feedback that helped shape your idea into a marketable finished product?

Now all of this can be achieved online, on your time schedule. Dr. Paul Lazarus, Director of the University of Miami’s prestigious Motion Picture Program will work one-on-one to assist you in planning, outlining, and commencing your feature-length screenplay.

Winner of two national screenwriting competitions and producer of six acclaimed Hollywood films, Dr. Lazarus has guided hundreds of aspiring screenwriters during his years in Hollywood and with UM’s School of Communication. Now, he will bring his years of experience to assist you, online and in the privacy of your home. With this unprecedented opportunity: refine your idea, develop the principal characters, prepare a step outline of your plot, perfect your screenplay format, and receive extensive comments on your actual screenplay pages.

Registration is ongoing and the duration is ten weeks. The class is held completely online and the tuition is NONREFUNDABLE.

Final Draft software is required for this course. Please go to to purchase Final Draft if you do not already own it.

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Online Screenwriting
Learn to write a screenplay, or further develop one you already have with Dr. Paul Lazarus.