Healthcare Navigator Program

HCA 200 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Alfus Healthcare Advocacy Program

Skills for Successful Online Learning

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the Alfus Healthcare Advocacy (AHAP) online program. Course units focus on using the Blackboard site, performing online research, presenting materials electronically, and prompting critical thinking about health care and the field of patient advocacy.

Health Advocacy and the Role of the Health Advocate

This course introduces the student to the newly emerging field of patient advocacy and the role of the patient advocate. The course explores the emergence of patient advocacy in the United States, examines the various regulations and policies that control healthcare in the United States, the impact of the current healthcare crisis, and various policy decisions that may begin to reshape it.

Understanding The Patient Illness Experience

This course explores the illness experience, analyzing the various ways that illness impacts the patient’s identity, relationships, life choices, employment, finances, and all other facets of life. The module also illustrates ways in which patient advocates support patients as well as identify the need for additional professional support.

Healthcare Communications and Professionalism

In this course the students will learn how to communicate effectively with patients, their families, healthcare and other professionals. It will emphasize the most important communication skill sets needed to be a patient advocate. In each component of the program, students practice on their existing communication abilities in order to improve and enhance their current skills. In this course, students will gain knowledge of new competencies, expand on their existing skills, and reflect on their ability and style as communicators.

Ethical Issues in Healthcare

This course is dedicated to the principles of ethics, its interaction with the law, and how these principles and standards apply in the clinical setting for both, adults and minors. It will also focus on distinguishing between ethics and legal issues. Hypothetical examples will demonstrate how to identify the issues and afford the opportunity to find ways to resolve the conflicts.

Health Law

This course identifies legal issues, possible course of actions, the difference between federal and state law, governmental involvement in the health care process and important points regarding the limitation of the Advocate services to avoid the unauthorized practice of law.

Navigating Healthcare Financing

This unit explores various aspects of the Health Care financial system. Firstly, the course examines the historical aspect of financing the U.S. Health Care system. The students will learn how Health Care is financed via public and private funding, with definitions of various insurance terms. The course also navigates the Medicare and Medicaid systems, comparing and contrasting the two public health care insurance companies. The course maps out the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and its impact on the financing Health Care in the U.S. The students will also learn to traverse the Health Care financial system in order to manage claims and exclusions.

Business As A Healthcare Advocate

This course presents a broad marketing philosophy, strategies, and tactics to develop a deep understanding of what the patients and families expect of a patient advocate. The topics include market research and analysis as well as product design and development, promotion and delivery. The course focuses on the practical application of marketing concepts and methods to patient advocacy.

This course is available as part of the following:

Certificate in Healthcare Navigator Certificate
An aging America will demand more from a healthcare system that’s become a complex jungle of technicalities and legal ramifications.