OSH 399 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course description: This is a participatory writing workshop in which students write and read their pieces and critique each other’s work.  You will respond to specific writing prompts given by the instructor, who critiques each piece orally and in writing.  You will work one-on-one. 


Week 1

Introduction.  Why write? Discussion about the process of writing – general aspects of capturing the written word.  You will write to short prompts from your instructor and learn how to critique your own and others’ work in the last hour of the class.

Week 2

The workshop process: How to breakthrough writer’s block.  How to edit your work. How to critique another piece of work (by a published author or fellow writer). The last hour of class includes discussion of previously emailed work by two or three students.

Week 3

Character: How to describe character or person from your life.  Using a list, you will construct people to use in their pieces, assisted by writing prompts.  Critique process for last hour of the class.

Week 4

Plot: Whether writing fiction or memoir narrative, stories must have an arc, or direction.  We will discuss the origin of plot using Joseph Campbell’s Jungian idea of myth.  Writing prompts will be employed.  Critique process for last hour of the class.

Week 5

Setting and Dialog: You will be prompted to develop settings, using the five senses.   How to write natural dialog (it’s not as easy as it sounds!).  Critique process for last hour of the class.

Week 6

Tone and other aspects of writing that interest the class will be discussed.  Writing prompts will be used. Critique process for last hour of the class.

Required Text: Creative Writer's Handbook (Third Edition) by Jason and Lefcowitz.  The text is available online as a used book for under $4.

NOTE:  The alternative current Fifth Edition costs around $90 and differs little from the Third Edition.




Instructor: Ms. Jeannie DeQuine



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