OSH 399 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: This class includes a writing workshop, along with discussions of the basics of fiction and memoir: plot, character, setting, and other elements.  There are small amounts of reading from well-known masters of these genres as we seek inspiration from the best.  


Week 1

Setting: Discussion, writing prompts and examples of a powerful setting.

Week 2

Character: Discussion, writing prompts and examples of excellent character development.

Week 3

Plot discussion, writing prompts and examples of well-developed plots.

Week 4

More plot!

Week 5

Tone and Theme: Examples of well-used tone and themes are written about and discussed.

Week 6

Publications and review of all classes.

Required Text:Creative Writer’s Handbook (3RD Edition) by Jason and Lefcowitz. The text is available online as a used book for under $4.  Please Note:  The alternative current 5TH Edition, costs around $90 and differs little from the 3RD  Edition. 


Instructor: Ms. Jeannie DeQuine



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