OSH 833 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course description: Explore the two-thousand-year quarrel between science and religion in the West. Trace the roots of ethical monotheism and its flat earth cosmology. Learn about the revolutionary discoveries of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo – and why they infuriated religious authorities. Find out how Isaac Newton’s Universal Gravitation led to the Enlightenment.


Week 1 Gods and the One God. The Sag-Giga, the first human civilization, believed in multiple gods and a flat earth. How did they influence the cosmology of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

Week 2 The Greeks. Aristotle and Ptolemy’s “divine circles” produced the most accurate model of the ancient universe. Why did this become religious dogma in Medieval Europe?

Week 3 Reluctant Revolutionary. Nicholas Copernicus proposed the earth is not the center of the universe. The Roman Catholic Church and Martin Luther considered this a sacrifice.

Week 4 The Observer and the Visionary. Explore the naked-eye observations of Tycho Brahe and the cosmology of Johannes Kepler. How did they violate Church doctrine?

Week 5 The Michelangelo of Science. With his telescope, Galileo Galilee transformed our understanding of the cosmos. Why did his discoveries enrage the Pope?

Week 6 The Great One. Isaac Newton was a deeply pious Puritan. Learn how his momentous Theory of Universal Gravitation shook religious beliefs to the core.



Instructor: Mr. Mark Egdall

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