Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE 15-2021) (In-Person Only)

OSH 911 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: ARR

Course Description: Join us as we explore an excellent photo editing tool for hobbyists who don’t want to learn complex photoshop techniques.  You will learn how to frame, add text, sign, and copyright.  You will create panos, multiple image compositions, learn sharpening, noise removal, luminescence & chroma saturation adjustments, gradients, selection & transfer techniques.

This course is taught in the computer room of Lau Founders Hall on PCs. Each student will be given 40 of the instructors’ South Florida single and composite images, for practice in class and at home.  Students are asked to bring a 16GB USB thumb drive to first class, for the transfer of practice images and folders - for practice in class and at home.

Week 1: Introduction.

Week 2: Selection tools - their function and image enhancements.

Week 3: Layers, multi-image composites, framing and signing with PSE.

Week 4: Enhancements, texts, copyrights, and signing.

Week 5: Create panoramas with demonstrations of city architecture and landscape scenes. Practice and review PSE exercises.

Week 6: Review all phases of image enhancements with Adobe Photoshop Elements.


Instructor:  Mr. Karl Koslowski


To increase Font size, press the following keys at the same time:

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