OSH 124 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course description: In this course, we look at several of the most urgent policy questions of our time.  We examine the nature and validity of the arguments for and against major policy proposals, and we look at examples or cases for each policy choice.  We focus on what the ends of policy should be and how citizens make choices, both regarding ethical principles and political practicalities.  The aim of the course is not to change your moral perspectives, but to clarify the criteria by which we make ethical policy choices.  We carefully consider both sides of every issue.  I have chosen issues that involve a conflict between genuine and serious value commitments.


Week 1: Just and Unjust Wars

Week 2: Global Warming

Week 3: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide

Week 4: Healthcare

Week 5: Affirmative Action

Week 6: Multiculturalism



Week 1: Lying in Public Office

Week 2: Bioethics  

Week 3: Abortion

Week 4: The Responsibility of Public Officials

Week 5: Civil Disobedience

Week 6: Genocide


Instructor: Ms. Cynthia Halpern



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