Coping Skills, Pt. 1 (In-Person Only)

OSH 863 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: This course teaches coping skills to handle stressful life events more effectively.  Negative events happen to everyone, but some people do a better job of coping with these stressors.  You will learn and practice skills, such as problem-solving, challenging negative thoughts, assertiveness training, and anger management.  You will also have the opportunity to learn several relaxation techniques.  After taking this course, you should be better prepared to deal with life’s challenges.

Week 1 Introduction to coping skills; How thoughts influence reactions; Relaxation Techniques.

Week 2 Identifying unhelpful thinking; Challenging inaccurate negative thoughts; Relaxation Techniques.

Week 3  Stress management; Identifying stressors; Understanding the impact of stress on your body; Learning basic ways to cope with stress (e.g. pleasurable activities, the 3 A’s, etc.); Relaxation Techniques.

Week 4 Types of coping: Emotion-focused vs. Problem-focused coping; Five steps of problem solving; Relaxation Techniques.

Week 5 Improving communication skills; Assertiveness training; Relaxation Techniques.

Week 6 Increasing social support; Anger management; Relapse prevention; Relaxation Techniques.


Instructor: Dr. Judith McCalla


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