The Great Depression - Life in the 1930s

OSH 861 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: The Great Depression: Life in the 1930s provides a close-up view of America and other countries, particularly Germany and Japan, during the hard times of the 1930s.  In this class, we will examine the causes of the Depression, as well as the politics and economics.  In addition, we will focus on how the Depression affected the people and the arts.

Week 1 The Prelude: We have an in-depth discussion of the myriad of factors that contributed to the Great Depression, beginning with the defeat of Germany in World War I.  We examine the economic boom in America in the early 1920s and the dynamics that resulted in the stock market crash in 1929.

Week 2 The Politics: We examine the ramifications of Black Tuesday, October 19, 1929, including the reaction of President Herbert Hoover.  We also look at the actions of President Franklin Roosevelt to end the Depression after taking office in 1933.

Week 3 The Economy: We examine how the U.S. economy changed under the Roosevelt administration, leading to the beginning of World War II. 

Week 4 The People: We take a personal approach to the 1930s by looking at how the 1930s affected millions of ordinary Americans. 

Week 5 The Arts: We examine how, as the world darkened during the Great Depression, Hollywood flourished with scores of movies—from crime dramas to musicals to romantic comedies and everything in between

Week 6 The Aftermath:  We focus on the transition from hard times to wartime, as well as the lingering impact of the 1930s on postwar America.  

Instructor: Dr. Michael Scheibach


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