New Apple Operating System.....MAC0S MOJAVE

OSH 950 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: Learn all the new features...Getting started with macOS. Working with applications, also known as a program; using Safari, internet web browser for macOS.


Week 1

The desktop or main workspace for your computer… completing tasks or docking station.

Week 2

File basics and folders… moving and deleting files.

Week 3

Mac OS finding files on your computer… Menu ba.r task applications and commands.

Week 4

Adjusting your settings… system preferences; Other important settings; Understanding your account.

Week 5

What are shortcuts? Working with text.  Common applications in macOS.

Week 6

Opening files with different applications… working with flash drives; Trouble shooting common problems.

NOTE:  You MUST bring your MAC laptop computer with you to every class.



Instructor:  Ms. Joan Nurse




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