Understanding & Enjoying Caribbean Rhythms & Music

OSH 953 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course description: Since the 1920s with the proliferation of recorded music, air travel and the invention of the radio, Latin Music has been enjoyed by American and International audiences alike.  Caribbean Music has been the favorite of dancers.  We will explore the most popular genres of each country; as well as, the dance modes and musical instruments with emphasis on percussion. 


Week 1:  Cuba's "Son." What is Son? How and when did it start? We will explore the origins of this genre and its influence on Modern Cuban Music.  What instruments are used to play it?

Week 2:  Puerto Rican “Salsa.” What is Salsa? Where did it first become popular? Why is it controversial? How is it different from son?  Instruments used.

Week 3:  Dominican Republic’s “Merengue.”  What is Merengue?  What are the different styles of Merengue, a favorite of dancers? What are the main instruments used to play merengue?

Week 4: “Calypso.”  Is it all from Jamaica or does it have influences from other islands?  When did it come to the United States and how did it get mixed up with Rock & Roll?

Week 5:  Haiti’s “Kompa” and Martinique’s “Zook.”  What influences make these genres different from other Caribbean rhythms?  What instruments are used and how are they danced?

Week 6:  South and Central American countries with Caribbean influences.  We will discuss “Cumbia,” “Soca” and a few other genres which have structural and rhythmical similarities with Caribbean rhythms.


Instructor: Mr. Luis Serrano

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