Everyday French For Beginners, Pt. A (Zoom Only)

OSH 959 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description: Join this French class to begin at the beginning, and learn to speak French in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Week 1 Introduction to French: Why learn French?  Pronunciation: accent, the mute “e” and nasal vowels; Vocabulary for greetings; The Geography of France.

Week 2 The Days of the week; Numbers from 1-20; Grammar: Pronouns and the verb être; Vocabulary for the family.

Week 3 The months of the year; Numbers from 21-50; Grammar: The verb avoir and its use in idiomatic expressions; Vocabulary for houses.

Week 4 Numbers from 50-70; Grammar: Regular –er verbs; More ways to ask questions; Student descriptions of their homes.

Week 5 Numbers from 70-100; Vocabulary for seasons/weather; Grammar: irregular verbs; Dialogue reading and discussion; Telling time.

Week 6 Military time; Grammar: Regular –ir and –re verbs; Grammar: Possessive adjectives; Dialogue reading and discussion.


Texts:  Learn French the Fast and Fun Way (2014) and French Grammar for Beginners (Bibard).


Instructor:  Ms. Alicia Menendez-King


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