Intermediate French, Pt. B (Zoom Only)

OSH 981 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: ARR


Course Description: This is a course for those who have completed Everyday French for Beginners, Pts. A-D and Intermediate French, Pt. A.  The course is taught entirely in French.  The focus will be on grammar, readings to increase vocabulary, practicing conversation skills, and exploration of French culture and current events. 

Week 1 French current events; Exploring the French Overseas Territories (Part 1), Grammar: The Past tense; Class discussion: short story.

Week 2 French current events; Exploring the French Overseas Territories (Part 2); Grammar: The Imperfect; Class discussion: Piaf’s “Je ne regretted rien.”

Week 3 French current events; The Annual French Music Festival; Grammar: Si clauses; Class discussions: short story.

Week 4 French current events; A visit to Bordeaux and the Dordogne; Grammar: The simple past; Class discussion: Cèline Dion’s “Vole.”

Week 5 French current events; A Visit to Québec; Grammar: The past vs. the Imperfect; Class discussion: excerpt from “Le Petit Prince.”

Week 6 French current events; A visit to Montréal; Grammar: Required liaisons; Class discussion: short story.


Texts: Complete French Grammar (Hemingway) and French Short Stories for Intermediate Level, V. 1 (Bibarad).


Instructor: Ms. Alicia Menendez-King


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