A Chronology of American Political Cartoons

OSH 428 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course Description:

We will analyze how images, symbols, cartoons, graphs, charts, maps, and artwork may be used to interpret the significance of time periods and historical events.

Week 1 The beginning of political cartoons from the 1800s to the turn of the century; The five techniques used by political cartoonists.

Week 2 The Progressive Movement 1910-1920 - 1) Women’s Suffrage, 2) Child Labor, 3) Labor Unions, 4) National Reform Organizations.

Week 3 Age of Imperialism & Expansion - 1) Spanish American War, 2) Trade with China – Open Door Policy, 3) Annexation of Hawaii, 4) Roosevelt and The Monroe Doctrine, 5) Panama Canal, 6) Progressive Movement at Home.

Week 4 Gilded Age - 1) Industrial Revolution, 2) Corporate Trusts, 3) Government Corruption, 4) Railroads.

Week 5 The 1920s – 1940s - 1) Teapot Dome Scandal, 2) The Great Depression, 3) Roosevelt’s New Deal, 4) Rise of Fascism, 5) WWII.

Week 6 Post-WWII – Present 1) Cold War, 2) Communism in America, 3) Civil Rights, 4) Korean War, 5) The Vietnam War, 6) Cuban Missile Crisis, 7) Watergate, 8) Present Day.


Instructor:  Mr. Sam Rosen


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