Women Authors You've Never Heard Of

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Last Spring's course "If History Were 'Herstory" barely scratched the surface of the contributions women have made in a wide variety of fields that have been overlooked by His-story. Students who took it asked for more, so this course in the "Herstory" series is devoted to "Women in Literature." Women have been writing as long or longer than men have. Yet the barriers to women expressing themselves through the written word were so high that in some cases women were forced to use a male pseudonym to be published. We'll examine the earliest known writings by women in a variety of genres, including the first woman poet (Enheduanna, c. 2300 BCE); playwright (Elizabeth Cary, 1585-1639); and authoress to make her living by her writing (Aphra Behn, c. 1640-1689). We’ll explore how recovering the writing of largely forgotten women poets, diarists, dramatists, essayists, novelists, and other literary works enrich our understanding of history and culture.

Week 1 Pray-ers and poets: Hymns by Her.

Week 2 Dear Diary: When Private Reflections and Memoirs (Sometimes) Go Public.

Week 3 Idealists and Ideologues: Women with a Cause – Essays, “belles lettres” and political tracts.

Week 4 Making a Long Story Short: Some Great Short Stories and the Women who Wrote Them.

Week 5 Novel Approaches: Women Novelists of the 17th -19th century.

Week 6 Dramatists and Playwrights.


Instructor:  Dr. Marsha Cohen


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