Business Law Concentration

PLG 604 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Business Law Concentration - Paralegal Certificate

Business Law encompasses various entity structures and transcends domestic geographic boundaries with transactional and litigation facets. Focus on legal efficiency and risk management is integral in business law entity formation and continued operational decisions. Business concept understanding is the foundation for the exploration of various business organizations. Accounting for the nature, power, and obligations associated with formation, management, and dissolution, rights, responsibilities, and duties in conjunction with various business entities, accompanied by procedural, substantive, and ethics parameters, is integral to work in the business law field as a paralegal. The learning scope, accompanied by enhanced legal research and writing skills focused on business law, illustrates a commitment to the practice area. The employment of paralegals in business law supports the importance of targeted learning in these areas.

Upon successful completion of the University of Miami Paralegal Business Law Concentration Certificate Program, the participant will demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Laying out core business law concepts
  • Analyzing types of business entities
  • Explaining impacts of business entity formation options
  • Evaluating rights, obligations, and duties associated with business entities
  • Breaking down legal requirements for business entities
  • Exploring tax impacts associated with business entities
  • Examining formation, management, and dissolution associated with business entities
  • Summarizing principal, agent relationships
  • Conducting advanced legal research in business law
  • Demonstrating advanced legal writing drafting skills in business law

This course is available as part of the following:

Certificate in Practice Area Concentration Certificate

Paralegal Concentration Certificate Programs are designed to expand the educational and professional horizons for all paralegals.