Family Law Specialist

PLG 606 / Non Credit
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Family Law Specialist - Paralegal Certificate

Family law encompasses rights and duties, in law and equity, applicable to various legally recognized relationships. The scope of family law far transcends the marital relationship, and includes paternity, domestic violence, adoption, and possible cross-over into dependency and juvenile matters. Family law involves determinations of emotional matters, such as parenting, time-sharing of children, finances, and property. In some instances, individuals opt to predetermine legal rights and obligations in the form of prenuptial agreements. Involving the law in family relationships can be complex on many levels.  Alternative dispute resolution is relied upon heavily in family law matters, enabling parties to exercise greater control and flexibility over life decisions as opposed to placing disposition in the hands of the court. Understanding parameters for rights and protections is a key starting point in family law. Navigating substantive and procedural aspects can be complex. Proceedings take the form of initial determinations, modifications, and enforcement. Paralegals are relied upon extensively in family law practices, and are entrusted with client contact, investigations, drafting motions and pleadings, preparing filing packets, compiling and responding to discovery requests, organizing trial notebooks, researching law, preparing briefs, and assisting in alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Precise attention to detail in research and drafting, professional communication in written and verbal form, exemplary organizational abilities, and strict adherence to ethics mandates are important skills and attributes for a paralegal working in family law. 

Upon successful completion of the University of Miami Paralegal Certificate Program – Family Law Concentration, the participant will demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Identifying the nature and scope of family law coverage
  • Determining potential rights, responsibilities, and duties in legally recognized family law relationships
  • Laying out legal parameters associated with child decision-making, child time-sharing, property distribution, support claims, and attorney’s fees
  • Analyzing substantive and procedural legal requirements in family law cases
  • Exploring alternative dispute resolution options in family law
  • Differentiating between paternity and dissolution of marriage proceedings
  • Comparing pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Contrasting initial proceedings, modifications, and post-judgment proceedings
  • Applying advanced legal research skills
  • Demonstrating advanced legal writing skills


Family law paralegals are in great demand. The paralegal is often the primary contact between the law firm and the client. Students will learn special interview considerations, drafting, premarital agreement, researching family court rules and much more.


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Certificate in Practice Area Concentration Certificate

Paralegal Concentration Certificate Programs are designed to expand the educational and professional horizons for all paralegals.

Course PLG - 606, Section AD
Starts: 3/1/2024 Ends: 6/20/2024
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