Bankruptcy Law Concentration

PLG 607 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Bankruptcy Law Concentration - Paralegal Certificate

The potential for individual and corporate bankruptcy exists in conjunction with every investment, transaction, contract, and loan. Understanding this potential, including the legal requirements and parameters associated with debtors, creditors, and other stakeholders, is integral when working in the field of bankruptcy law as a paralegal. Initial filing determinations, including eligibility and implications, require comprehensive knowledge of bankruptcy law. Distinctions exist between procedures for declaring bankruptcy for individuals and businesses. Debtor rights and relief can take different forms, including rights outside of bankruptcy. Rights of secured and unsecured creditors under state law and federal bankruptcy law and the corresponding rights of debtors are vast and complex. In navigating these areas of bankruptcy law, paralegals are often tasked with conducting legal research, document preparation, and litigation support. A solid understanding of substantive and procedural bankruptcy law, with emphasis on distinctions between types, requirements, and limitations, is integral to work in bankruptcy law. The bankruptcy law areas of focus, connected with application based enhanced legal research and writing skills, provides a well-rounded knowledge base and skillset for paralegals in this area of law.

Upon successful completion of the University of Miami Paralegal Certificate Program – Bankruptcy Law Concentration, the participant will demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Breaking down the different types of bankruptcy filings
  • Breaking down the different types of bankruptcy filings
  • Evaluating rights of debtors under state law and federal bankruptcy law
  • Comparing involuntary and voluntary bankruptcy
  • Contrasting dischargeable and non-dischargeable debt
  • Describing trustee powers
  • Explaining reviews and appeals
  • Conducting advanced legal research in bankruptcy law
  • Demonstrating advanced legal writing skills in bankruptcy law


This course is available as part of the following:

Certificate in Practice Area Concentration Certificate

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