Web Design Certificate

CTT 200 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Principles of Web Design - 8 hours

  • Understanding how the web works
  • Web browsers
  • Web Servers
  • Monitor resolution- how does it affect your design
  • Fonts, Colors, etc.

HTML + CSS with Dreamweaver - 8 hours

  • What is html?
  • What does it do?
  • Recognizing HTML tags
  • What is CSS?
  • What is it used for?
  • Putting it all together in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Essentials - 8 hours

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver, getting familiar with the software
  • Creating a new website
  • Creating a new HTML page
  • Optimizing the interface
  • Creating and inserting images

Using Dreamweaver Interactive Features - 8 hours

  • Inserting multimedia to your pages
  • Enhancing layouts with spry widgets
  • Adding image behaviors
  • Creating image rollovers
  • Creating form pages with Spry widgets
  • Working with templates

Site Management with Dreamweaver - 8 hours

  • Review of remote connections
  • Connecting via FTP
  • Publishing your site
  • Adding pages, deleting pages from your site
  • Creating a backup of your site
  • Checking the site reports
  • Testing and fixing links
This course is available as part of the following:

Certificate in Web Design Certificate
Acquire the skills to plan, design, create, launch, maintain, and update professional sites – and graduate with your own registered domain and functional website.