OSH 902 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: LFH 120


This class is geared towards advanced painters, but all levels are welcome to attend.


 Note: All items are suggested and may be substituted for equivalents of your choice.

  1. Acrylic Paints: Golden, Liquitex or equivalent, size: 2 oz. tubes. (*Titanium White in large tube)

    Colors (suggested):

    • Cadmium Red Medium • Quinacridone Crimson • Rose Madder • Lemon Yellow • Yellow   

      Ochre • Cadmium Yellow Medium • Sap Green • Cerulean Blue Hue • Ultramarine Blue •

    • Phthalo Blue • Burnt Umber • Raw Sienna • Paynes Gray • Ivory Black • *Titanium White •

  2. Acrylic Paint Brushes (good quality) by mfg. Pro Stroke-Powercryl   "open stock."       

    Brushes (suggested):

    •Round: #2, #6

    •Filbert: #8

    Bright: #6

    •Flat: #16                     

    •Dagger by Beste:¼”, ½” or another brand (The dagger aka sword may be hard to find locally, try on-line.)

    •Liner (by mfg. Daler Rowney - Simply Simmons): #1

    •Fan (blender) by mfg. Daler Rowney-Simply Simmons: #2

3. Palette: Disposable paper pallet pad 9”x12” 50 sheets, preferably gray.

4. Watercolor Paper; use the individual sheets 22” x 30not pad, 300#, hot press and cold Press, get one of each by Fabriano.

 5. Sponges: Artist Value Pack #12

 6. Drawing Pencil #2B

 7. Ruler: 18" metal                                        

 8. Eraser by VANISH 2 5/8" L x 3/4" x 3/4" thick

 9. Color Wheel, small or large

* Roll of paper towels

* Cotton dish rag, used, clean and soft

* These items you probably already have at home.

NotesGesso, primes canvas or Masonite; when added to acrylic colors will produce a matte surface, one 16 oz. bottle.

Rubbing (*Ethyl 70%, or 90% Alcohol @ Walgreens):One pint dissolves dried paint in brushes, removes undesired dried paint from painted surface.Isopropyl alcohol is less effective with acrylic paint.

Supplies available at Jerry's Artarama, 1140 SW 67th Avenue, Miami. other art supply stores may carry some.

Please bring all your supplies to the first and all classes.


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