OSH 904 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

Course description: Are you an experienced watercolor artist who wants to learn more advanced techniques? This class is designed for those students who have been working with the medium for at least one year. You will be given ample time in class to work on your projects, where you will receive assistance and critiques each week. You will be painting in the first class.

Note: All items are suggested and may be substituted for equivalents of your choice.


1. Watercolor Paints: Turner or equivalent, size: 15ml tubes, "open stock".

  Colors (suggested):

  • Cadmium Red Medium • Quinacridone Red • Rose Madder • Cobalt Violet • Hansa Lemon•   

  • Yellow Ochre • Hookers Green • Cerulean Blue • Ultramarine Blue • Phthalo Turquoise •

  • Burnt Umber • Raw Sienna • Payne's Gray • Titanium White •

 2. Watercolor Paint Brushes (Buy good quality): (#) sign denotes mfg. Type, i.e. Ebony  

    Splendor, or equivalent and the following number(s) the brush size.  

       Brushes (suggested):

    •Rigger: (#389) 2

    •Round: (#387) 2, 6, 12, 20                                          

    •Bright: (#383) 8, 14

    •Wash: (#394) 1 ½”

    •Fan: (#391) 4

    •Dagger by Beste:¼”, ½” or another brand (The dagger aka sword may be hard to find locally, try on-line.)

 3. Palette: Your choice; white plastic or china plate, an airtight palette, etc.

 4. Paper, Watercolor; use the individual sheets 22” x 30” not pad, 300#, cold press and hot

    press, get one of each, by Fabriano. The 22” x 30” allow for cutting multiple sizes.

 5. Drawing Pencil #2B

 6. Sponges, Artist Value Pack #12 (Natural)

 7. Ruler 18" metal                                                                

 8. Eraser, by VANISH 3/4" x 3/4" x 2 5/8" long

 9. Color Wheel, small or large

 * Cotton dishrag, used, clean and soft

 * Roll of paper towels

* These items you probably have already.

 NotesSupplies available at Jerry's Artarama, 1140 SW 67th Avenue, Miami; other art supply stores may carry some items. 

Please bring all your supplies to the first and all classes.      

This class is designed for those students who have been working with the medium for at least one year.




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