Modern Web Development

CTT 400 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English

This course introduces students to advanced subjects such as CSS3 and jQuery animations for UI elements, CSS pre-processors like SASS and LESS, Git (and Github), API's, best practices for speeding up your website, and basic scripting in PHP Wordpress web development. The goal of the course is for students to create a perfectly speed optimized, Mobile-First Responsive Wordpress website using the effects. CSS library for beautiful UI animations.

Topics Covered include:

  • CSS3 effects, animations, and CSS3 3D transforms
  • Demo of SASS/SCSS
  • The effect.css transition/animation framework
  • Mobile web optimization
  • Anatomy of a Wordpress theme
  • Setting up preprocessor environments to edit in SASS/SCSS
  • Customizing themes using the Wordpress WYSIWYG theme customizer
  • and much more!


Prior to registering for this course, students must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  1. A certificate in Web Design and Mobile and Responsive Web Design
  2. A degree in Web Design and Development
  3. Advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS and understanding on how to use HTML editors

Price: $695

This 5-week course will be offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings. 

This course is available as part of the following:

Certificate in Advanced Web Design: Modern Web Development Course
Explore advanced subjects, such as CSS3 and jQuery to create speed-optimized, mobile-responsive WordPress sites using the CSS library for UI animations.