Ethical Business Decision-Making Certificate

Ethics is integral to all facets of business.  While those tasked with making business decisions may have an intuitive understanding of right and wrong, it is imperative to ensure ethical compliance is accounted for in the decision-making process.  The ability to articulate the rationale behind decisions is an important facet of the decision-making process.  Ethics is threaded throughout the process and should be a cornerstone of that analysis.  Improving the quality of the decision-making and thought processes enhances confidence in the decision, accounts for ethics throughout the process, and assists in goal attainment.  

Upon successful completion of the Ethical Business Decision-Making Certificate program, the participant will be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Understanding business ethics as a basis for decision-making
  • Building skills for creating and maintaining ethics in the workplace
  • Recognizing ethical issues and practices in an organizational setting
  • Developing strategies for dealing effectively with uncertainty
  • Understanding critical thinking, the elements of critical thought, and strategies for improving the quality of thinking in the decision-making process

The Ethical Business Decision-Making Certificate program is 8 weeks in length. This program is offered fully online.

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.