UI/UX Design Boot Camp Program

UI/UX Design Boot Camp Program

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp at the University of Miami provides you with the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to build a career as a designer. The classroom environment fosters hands-on learning, constructive feedback, and self-directed research to ensure you feel equipped to solve complex design problems regardless of your chosen career path. Based on proactive research and the needs of hiring partners, the UI/UX curriculum routinely evolves to equip you with the expertise that will help you begin a career in design and remain professionally relevant in the future.

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp includes a 10-hour course that is led by a dedicated Career Services team and is focused on your career development. To give you even more leverage when it comes to securing the right position in the industry, we provide personal consultation sessions on resumes, interview-skills building, and networking. The program also offers a design-specific course to help prepare you to navigate the unique design industry. 


  • No background in the design field is needed but you should be technically inclined, be able to think outside of the box, and possess a creative spirit and thirst for learning. 
  • A professional evaluation and admissions exam are required after the Introductory Course.

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Required Courses

Visual Design: Visual design best practices | Designing for print and digital platforms | Designing for social media | Designing for accessibility | Color theory | Typography | Branding

UX Deliverables: UX best practices | Journey mapping | Personas | UX flows | Information architecture | Sitemaps

UI Design: UI design patterns and elements | Responsive design | High-fidelity mockups | Mobile app design 


UI/UX Design Professional Bootcamp Extended

This class has started and is not accepting new registrations.
Starts : 5/11/2022 Ends : 1/9/2023
Meets on : Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Time : 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM