Human Resource Management Certificate

Earn your certificate in Human Resource Management at the University of Miami in just 6 months. The comprehensive curriculum works for the newcomer as well as the seasoned pro and is especially valued by the small business owner. Taught by industry-experienced instructors, classes are current, relevant and complete.

In the HRM Certificate Program, you ...

  • Learn about sexual harassment issues, AIDS policies and compensation
  • Practice effective recruitment strategies
  • Develop methods to reward and retain employees
  • Implement policies that reflect an understanding of legal issues
  • Learn real-world solutions
  • Acquire balanced perspectives

Benefits to enrolling in HRM Certificate Program:

  1. Very interactive
  2. Hands on and practical
  3. You can complete the program in 6 months
  4. Provides excellent quality curriculum
  5. Recognized and supported by the Greater Miami Society for HR Management
  6. Industry professionals and practitioners -Educated and experience instructors
  7. Comprehensive curriculum for new and seasoned professionals - from small, mid-size to large business owners
  8. Information, training and test preparation in one program

This 144-hour program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.

Human Resource Management Certificate
Module breakdown

Strategic Management:

  • Gain an Understanding of the Profession of HR, its history, evolution and impact on the business
  • The Strategic Planning Process and its relationship to the organizational strategic plan
  • Understanding Environmental Scanning; Components of the environment and the impact they have on strategic planning
  • Organizational Design and Development. Evaluating the effectiveness of an organization
  • Role of HR in Organization Ethics and a broad view to Global Human Resources Management

Legal and Regulatory Issues:

  • Employee and management rights
  • Laws affecting personnel practices
  • Government-mandated approaches to employee security
  • Enforcement of policies and procedures

Employment, Planning, And Placement

  • Job analysis and design
  • Equal employment practices
  • Effective recruitment strategies
  • Valid selection procedures
  • Employee orientation, placement, and separation process

Benefits & Compensations: Development and Administration

  • Benefits program development/administration practices
  • Insurance benefits
  • Employee security: benefits and services
  • Developing salary structures: job evaluation, job pricing
  • Incentives and rewards management

Training and Organizational Development

  • Training and organizational development as strategic HR functions
  • Assessing organizational competency and adult learning needs
  • Designing and implementing successful competency-based training and development programs
  • Evaluating program effectiveness
  • Special topics: Management and executive development strategies
  • Organizational development and change management

Employee and Labor Relations

  • Employer/union relation practices and activities
  • Influencing employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Contract compliance
  • Managing organization and union relations
  • Emerging employee relation challenges

Human Resource Management Certificate Live -Online

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Starts : 9/12/2023 Ends : 3/7/2024
Meets on : Tuesday, Thursday
Time : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Starts : 2/13/2024 Ends : 7/25/2024
Meets on : Tuesday, Thursday
Time : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Human Resource Management Certificate Program (Online)

This class has started and is not accepting new registrations.
Starts : 8/22/2023 Ends : 2/18/2024
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This class has started and is not accepting new registrations.
Starts : 10/16/2023 Ends : 3/31/2024
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