Business Communication

Build and strengthen your speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication skills with our Certificate in Business Communication Skills. This program builds your skills and confidence in verbal and written communication so you convey professionalism with your words and actions. Polish your abilities and talents, whether you are in government, education, health care, or business.
This non-credit certificate program is tailored for individuals who want to improve their oral and written business communication skills. Two core courses, Business Writing Essentials and Speaking and Presentation Skills, make up this certificate. Students will improve their marketability by building their professional level skills in speaking, writing, and presentation. This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.


Business Writing Essentials

In this course, participants will study model documents to see how they are structured and written. They will learn to write and edit a variety of business documents, as well as identifying and correcting problems with grammar and punctuation. The participant will improve communication in the workplace by writing in a clear and convincing manner.

Speaking and Presentation Skills

In this course, participants will give three individual presentations and one group presentation. Furthermore, they will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of other speakers, provide constructive feedback, and suggest improvements, while applying the same critiques to themselves.


Business Writing Essentials 1

Communicate your message successfully. Plan, draft, revise, and edit memos, e-mails, faxes, and letters. Prepare a resume, cover letter, and follow-up letter. Editing emphasis is on punctuation, appropriate word choice, grammar and sentence structure.

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Speaking and Presentation Skills 1

Focus on effective, persuasive verbal communication skills, including preparation, structure, delivery strategy, use of visual aids, and handling question and answers. In this class, you will practice presenting plans, interviewing, leading productive meetings, coaching your team members, and managing conflict.

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