Intensive Spanish Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this course for me?

Absolutely. The short-term commitment and dynamic atmosphere keeps you on task and enjoying the course despite the intensity of the schedule.

2. Where does the program take place?

The University of Miami Intensive Spanish Program is held on the main campus, in Coral Gables, Florida.

3. Who are my classmates?

Business and medical professionals, government and educational administrators, teachers, world travelers. The only requirement is a desire to speak Spanish and study its customs and culture.

4. What will I learn?

After completing our first level, you will be able to speak on concrete topics, give autobiographical information, understand and give directions, handle numbers and generally survive in a social situation!

In our second level, you will receive a thorough review of the basics and move on to more advanced structures including the imperfect and subjunctive. Fluency at this level will require a combination of idiomatic expressions and core competencies in Spanish.

In our advanced level, you will briefly review the more advanced aspects of grammar and transition to more complex levels of expression.

5. Is Miami a good place to practice my Spanish?

Of course! Miami is a natural environment to practice your newly acquired or improved language. The high degree of cultural Hispanic diversity offers you an opportunity to explore the Spanish-speaking world without leaving the U.S.

6. How do I register?

By Phone: 305-284-4000 (to register and for any questions)

Little Havana Tour
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