Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Courses

Member Participation

OLLI Membership is open to persons 50 years old and above who are interested in adding an intellectual dimension to their lives, in a university setting. It is a member-driven organization dedicated to anyone seeking to add educational, intellectual, and social enrichment to their lives.

OLLI @ UM runs on member fuel! We need and appreciate our members and all their efforts. Our members participate actively in the program and its ongoing development. Some examples of member participation are listed here:

  • Teaching or co-teaching a course
  • Serving as a coordinator of a special program
  • Serving as a Class Assistant 
  • Providing assistance in the organization's daily operations
  • Assisting with Catalogue preparation & mailing
  • Coordinating & assisting with Open Houses
  • Representing OLLI  at UM at local fairs & events
  • Participating on one or more committees
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Social Events Committee
    • Membership and Recruitment Committee
    • Advisory Council
    • Development


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