Building Expertise in Administration & Management (BEAM)

1. Career Outlook

Students who successfully complete the BEAM Certificate Program will gain an understanding of basic budgeting in public health, finance, accounting, contracts, process management, and strategic thinking. Real-world public health case studies tie together the learning material, so students will be able to immediately apply what they learn as part of their daily professional responsibilities and organizational processes.

2. What will I learn?

BEAM covers public health administration and management topics critical to successfully developing and implementing public health initiatives, building thriving organizations and promoting positive community outcomes. The 15- to 20-hour interactive program is based on six areas public health professionals have identified as learning priorities: Strategic Problem Definition, Budgeting, Procurement Contracts, Contract Monitoring, and Financial Health.

3. How will I benefit from UM’s program?

The University of Miami and the de Beaumont Foundation developed BEAM to address business knowledge gaps that more than half of governmental public health workers had identified as the profession’s top training need. Individual learners gain critical professional knowledge that complements existing skills, strategic and analytical skills, and a credential from a leading university. Organizations benefit from BEAM by promoting best practices that increase funding opportunities and improve community outcomes, providing valuable employee recruitment, development and retention opportunities, and fulfilling accreditation requirements.

4. Is this program right for me?

BEAM is an excellent program for both governmental and non-profit public health professionals, as well as for public health graduate students looking to develop their foundational business skills. Examples and case studies draw from real-world historical and contemporary governmental public health scenarios that are relevant across the public health sector. 

 5. How long is the program?

The BEAM Certificate Program is self-paced and can be completed between 15 and 20 hours over a period of up to three months.

6. Program Format and Location

The certificate program is self-paced and completed entirely online. Students can log into the University of Miami courses blackboard system and complete BEAM program modules as time permits within a three-month cohort period.

7. Tuition and Fees

BEAM offers a number of attractive pricing options for individuals and organizations. The course costs no more than $500 per individual, but early registration discounts are available, as are volume discounts.

8. What can I do after earning the certificate?

Students who complete the BEAM Certificate Program will have an understanding of strategic Problem Definition, Budgeting, Procurement Contracts, Contract Monitoring, and Financial Health. These skills can be implemented and used immediately as part of their job functions and public health business processes.

9. What are the requirements to earn the certificate?

There are no prerequisites to enroll in the certificate program. Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Public Health or Masters of Public Health can simultaneously enroll in the BEAM Certificate program to add value to their ongoing public health training.

10. Required Courses

There are no prerequisite courses for the BEAM Certificate Program. The course is conducted in English.

11. Have questions?

Call 305-284-4000 or email Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities.