Instructional Design and Technology Certificate

Here is the list of books/materials needed for this program:

Fundamental Skills of Instructional Technologists

·         Frazier, M. (2012). The technology coordinator's handbook, 2nd edition. Eugene, OR:  International Society for Technology in Education. ISBN: 978-1-56484-319-7

·         Hall, D. (2008). The technology director’s guide to leadership: The power of great questions.  Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education. ISBN: 978-1-56484-244-2

Multimedia Design and Publication

·         Mayer, R. E. (Ed.) (2014). The Cambridge handbook of multimedia learning (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.


Practices in Online Instructional Design

·         No book required

 Supplementary Readings

·         Clark, T. & Gottfredson, C. (2008). In search of learning agility. Retrieved from


·         Schrum, L., & Levin, B. B. (2013). Lessons learned from exemplary schools.
TechTrends, 57(1), 38-42. doi:

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